Sunday, September 18, 2011

On the Nativity of Our Lady

This year, I got to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady at a little place I like to call Catholic Hogwarts. The liturgy was beautiful, and it inspired me to write the following poem:

Hark! O'er the distant hill of death
Thru night's dark gloom
And icy mist
Breaks forth some sign
That could be Light
Or mayhaps sounds of 'Ternal Bliss?
Doubt I that heav'n would here come down
But now canst not mistake the Sound
'Tis echoing o'er the vale of tears:
That Word which spoke and willed all years

Seems herald of a coming Dawn
This blue-tinged warmth
Whose song now heard
"Fiat!" to me
Her verse of faith
Makes clear Sun's Mother our hearts stirr'd:
Then rise, my soul, take up that Song
Sung by Lady who shines as dawn
And heralds age of Blood-bought grace:
True Eve! Hail Mother of our Race!

Poem is Copyright © 2011 by D.E. Barker. All rights reserved.


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