Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not the way He's leading me

...add to that our penchant for changing churches, usually because "I just wasn't being fed," as well as our need to test every church and pastor against our personal reading of the Bible—well, you can see why Protestants have managed in 500 years to create out of two traditions (Orthodox and Catholic) some 30,000 denominations. While the Baptists are known for their doctrine of "soul competency," a version of the doctrine is woven into the fabric of broader evangelicalism, though it has morphed into sole competency. Thus, the death of mutual accountability and church discipline in our movement. Thus, the exaltation of worship in which the personal experience of the worshiper so often becomes more important than the object of worship. Thus, the continual proliferation of churches, parachurches, and movements because the group we belong to just doesn't do it the way we think "the Lord is leading me" to do it.

* * *

No, I haven't gone off on a Catholic tangent. That paragraph came from a new article in Christianity Today and was written by Mark Galli. Powerful stuff from an evangelical Protestant, writing in "a magazine of evangelical conviction."

Read the whole thing, within the context of an in-depth piece about gay marriage and evangelicals' response to it.

What do my Protestant friends say in response?