Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quote of the Day, from Chancellor Zeppos

This made me want to run to campus, find this man, and shake his hand. God bless him as he leads my alma mater:
Nicholas Zeppos is clearly enjoying the challenge.

"I plan on finishing my career here," he says. One of the perks of being chancellor, he adds, is the option of being buried on the Vanderbilt campus.

"I'm thinking 50-yard line."

LISTENING TO: The sounds of Music City out my window

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Pope on the upcoming decennial Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops

According to, "the world seen from Rome," Pope Benedict XVI was asked about the upcoming, every-ten-year Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops. Follows is the exchange, translated from Italian by
Q: While you are in Australia, the bishops of the Anglican Communion, which is very widespread also in Australia, are meeting in Lambeth Palace. One of the main arguments will be possible ways to consolidate communion between the provinces and to find a way to ensure that one or more provinces do not take initiatives that others see as contrary to the Gospel and tradition.

Is there the risk of a fragmentation of the Anglican Communion and the possibility that some will ask to be received into the Catholic Church. What is your hope for the Lambeth Conference and for the archbishop of Canterbury?

Benedict XVI: My essential contribution can only be prayer and with my prayer I will be very close to the Anglican bishops meeting in Lambeth Conference.

We cannot and must not intervene immediately in their discussions, we respect their own responsibility and it is our hope that schisms and new breaks can be avoided, and that a responsible solution will be found given our times, but also in fidelity to the Gospel. These two things must go together.

Christianity is always contemporary and lives in this world, in a certain time, but it renders present in this time the message of Jesus Christ and, hence, offers a true contribution for this time only be being faithful -- in a mature and creative way -- but faithful to the message of Christ.

We hope, and I personally pray, that together they will find the way of the Gospel for our day. This is my wish for the archbishop of Canterbury: That the Anglican Communion in communion with the Gospel of Christ and the Word of the Lord will find the answers to the present challenges.
FEELING: Hopeful that the Holy Father will, as the Bishop of Ebbsfleet said, make a "gracious gesture" to Anglican Christians toward reunion
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