Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Modern mythology

I just finished it. I can literally say that these past four years have been among the best television I have ever watched -- really, among the best drama I have ever watched. It parallels the pivotal story of our time -- of my time -- the story of human civilization in the post-9/11 world -- in a compelling and thought-provoking way. And no matter how much I get teased about it, if people put their prejudices aside long enough to give it a fair shot, there's no way they can miss the allegory.

It truly is modern mythology.

And it is only appropriate that the show should end its final seasons' half-way point with words like these:

"Viatores fatigati
Venientes ad litus longe distantem

Collinae virentes
Superstant nebulam tristem

Dies surgit
Unda matutina

Omnes passi sumus multa
Omnes superviximus
Venimus Terram

Fratres sororesque
Inimici et amici
Domum venimus

Iam plango
Non mortuos
Sed implacatos

Collinae virentes nos excipient
Vento sequente
Caeli aperient


"Weary travelers
Approach a distant shore

The sky breaks
Like a wave

We have all suffered
We have all survived
We have arrived at Earth

Brothers and sisters
Enemies and friends
For we have come home

Yet I weep
Not for the fallen
But for the unforgiven

Green hills await
With wind at our backs
The heavens part
As we approach" *

If that's not something straight out of Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, or Tolkien, I do not know what is.

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* Lyrics by Bear McCreary, composer for Battlestar; read more about them and their genesis at his official blog.


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