Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why we'll win in Iraq: Al-Qaeda's hypocrisy

I've written about the difficulty I often have respecting people who don't take their own faith seriously in the past. And it seems I'm not the only one who feels that way.

In a press conference on Al-Fayhaa TV, a network in Iraq, Sheik Th'aban Al-Bazoun had this to say about Al-Qaeda and their hypocrisy:

"[We say] to the terrorists, the supporters of takfir, to Al-Qaeda: If you want Iraq to be as Islamic state so badly, shouldn't you make your own countries Islamic first? What, they come from Morocco to establish an Islamic state in Iraq?! Why don't they turn Morocco into an Islamic state?

"They come from Saudi Arabia to turn Iraq into an Islamic state. They cross the border and blow themselves up -- why don't they blow themselves up in Saudi Arabia? After all, the Americans are present in Saudi Arabia, as well as in the UAE, in Bahrain, in Egypt, and in all the Arab countries. They have bases there. Go blow yourself up there. Instead of blowing up Iraqi children in schools, universities, and markets, go blow yourself up there. Go establish an Islamic state in Morocco, Tunisia, and Sudan.

"But one cannot establish an Islamic state by blowing up children, women, schools, or universities, or by means of terrorism and murder. We've become victims of people who come here from across the borders in order to kill Iraqi citizens, because they want to establish an Islamic state in Iraq. They want to force women to wear the veil.

"In their own countries women do not wear the veil. They want to force Iraqi Christian women to wear Islamic gowns. Christian women here do not wear these gowns. In their own countries, people wear pants and cowboy jeans. In your country, Saudi Arabia, people smoke marijuana on the beach, yet you come to Iraq to establish an Islamic state?!"

I can't help but agree with the Sheik: the irony of these people (the Al-Qaeda folks) is that no one, not even their own countrymen, wants to live the way of life that they would impose by force on foreigners. And because of that, with the help of other foreigners (even though those foreigners' fellow-citizens back home think it's a bad idea), Iraqis will finally take back their country and their lives.

* See the Sheik's press conference at the Middle East Media Research Institute Television Monitoring Project.


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Jack said...

Perhaps being true to Islam is in itself the problem. We seem to want to call the murderers extreemists but are they really? Or are they the true Islamists. With some of the Sharia law results we hear about lately, like the school teacher for insulting Muhammed or the reporter sentenced to death for insulting islam. one must conclude that Islam itself is the problem and terrorism is the tactic. In trying to live by the sharia law the Muslems have gone insane. They need a new testament.


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