Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why we sometimes wish the atheists were right

It is exam season here at Samford University, and that means that your humble author has re-discovered the amazing capacity that blogs have to provide adequate distraction from that upon which he should be focusing (e.g., constructing ponderous, third-person sentences about himself). It also provides, however, an opportunity to read gain insight into one's inner life, the true self that has been living through these interesting times.

And when I reflect upon that inner life, it's not always a pretty sight. In fact, as a human, it's a rather ugly sight. And that's also the message from Mark Galli in his piece, A rustling in the Garden, "why we sometimes wish the atheists were right."

It's a brief yet powerful article, and it will surely aid your inner reflection as we approach the time of anticipation and longing known as Advent.


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