Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quote of the day: April 3

From the Family Guy episode "Bango was his name-o":
Brian: "Maybe you should slow down."

Stewie (yelling because he's hyped up on caffeine pills, while driving a Winnebago): "Why?! We're making good time!"

Brian: "We're not even on the road!"

Stewie: "Huh?!"

Brian: "I said, we're not even on the road!"

Stewie: "Don't need to be! Compass says, 'west,' that's where we're headed!"

Brian: "Stewie, we're in the middle of the desert."

Stewie: "I know! Imagine the nads on the guys who did this is in a wagon. Pioneers! We share their spirit... manifest destiny!!"
FEELING: Distracted
LISTENING TO: Stewie and Brian arguing


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