Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pray for the people of Enterprise

Today was a deadly day in Alabama, as multiple tornadoes touched down in the Yellowhammer State.

More close-to-home for me and my fiancee Kat, a twister tore through Enterprise High School in Enterprise. That town, in lower Alabama (toward the middle of the State, and not too far from the Florida border), reminds me a lot of Rogersville (though its population is larger). And in 2003, on our way back from Panama City Beach, Katharyn and I stopped in Enterprise to take our picture with Enterprise's famous Boll Weevil Monument.

At Enterprise High, students were still in classes as a tornado moved through Coffee County. As the sirens wailed, students were evacuated from their classrooms into the gymnasium and the hallways. Most of the students were safe, despite the direct hit the school took from the storm. The gym, however, suffered heavy damage, and in one of the hallways, where students, teachers, and staff took cover, the roof collapsed.

Currently, local news is reporting, and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency has confirmed, that eight people have died, in the hallway-roof collapse at the high school. Some students are still trapped; and the community has been devastated.

Please pray for the families of those who have died, for those who are trapped, for the rescue workers and Alabama Guardsmen, and for the people of lower Alabama.

LISTENING TO: The Fox 6 Storm Team


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