Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Men's SEC player -- and coach! -- of the year

And the honor goes to: Vanderbilt University's Derrick Byars for SEC Men's Player of the Year. But what's this, there's one more award: your 2006-07 SEC Coach of the Year is none other than Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt's own!

Who would have seen that coming. But hey: "who ya with."

In other news, just in time for SEC Tournament and NCAA Madness time, I've been hooked on (thanks Austen) an alum-written blog about Vanderbilt Sports that has articles, frankly, better than either or

It gets the Diezba Recommendation, so check it out: Vanderbilt Sports Line.

Oh, and since I haven't said something about it yet, how 'bout them Commodores (of the female variety) winning the 2007 SEC Women's Tournament Championship! Way to go, ladies. Now, if only LSU can knock off the Lady Vawls in the Big Dance, then we might have a chance at breaking into the Final Four.

FEELING: Ready for March Madness


At 2:17 PM, Blogger The Pen said...

Clarify, buddy. I know you sometimes get excited because it is Vandy, but Lofton won the AP SEC player of the year, while Byars won the coaches' honor.

But congrats to Byars.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Diezba said...

No clarification necessary. The SEC Player (and coach) of the Year went to Vanderbilt. I didn't mention any sports writers' opinions. Of course, considering their opinion, Byars only lost their ballot by onevote.

But, at any rate, Byars won the SEC Player of the Year. Stallings won the SEC Coach of the Year. Period. Go look at the SEC website. They'll tell you, too.


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