Saturday, February 10, 2007

When the culture becomes the standard

I usually try to avoid discussing issues like this because, well, people are generally not going to be persuaded by arguments for and against (plus, it usually gets me pretty riled up). Most of us are set in stone on a divisive issue such as human sexuality. But occasionally, an argument arises that simply has to be read.

This argument is such. Read it. All of it. And then ask yourself how it differs from similar arguments made by an increasing number of "religious" people today.

Be careful, though. Your worldview might start to shift a little.

FEELING: Somewhat heartened, somewhat saddened -- that it takes an argument like this to get people to listen
LISTENING TO: Some good, country music, after getting so disgusted at the Vandy-Yew Tee game that I turned it off


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