Monday, February 26, 2007

Discovery Channel finds tomb of Hanun -- or Jesus?

According to a press release from the Discovery Channel, and the associated website that they've put together, director James Cameron and archaeologists for the Discovery Channel have discovered what they say is the "tomb of Jesus," but what independent scholars are saying is probably the "tomb of Hanun."

The implications of this are obvious: if Jesus is still in a tomb, then the central tenet of Christianity is false: "on the third day, he rose again."

Read the AP article on the documentary for good analysis from both sides.

And remember, this isn't the first time that people have tried to deny Christ through attacking his resurrection.

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At 10:26 PM, Blogger The Pen said...

I wouldn't pay too much attention to all of this. It is interesting fiction, just like the Da Vinci Code. On the bright side, when things like this are tested and come up lacking, it only makes the case for Christianity that much stronger.

I was bothered by this earlier as well, until I saw another regular read of mine -- Captain's Quarters. Here is the post:

"Let's take a few things in the context of the times. Jesus was a well-known agitator whose crucifixion creates a cult following, in the eyes of the Romans and the leading Jews of the time. The basis of that cult formed around the notion that Jesus rose from the dead. If the Romans knew where his body was buried, why then did they not produce it as proof of his immutable death? In order to be placed in an ossuary, he would have to lie in the tomb for a year, decomposing to skeletal remains. During that time, the Romans could easily have produced the body -- or the cult followers could have stolen it and buried it elsewhere to prevent it."

"I'm sorry, but this relies on faith at least as much as the Christian religion does, and contradicts common sense. It's nonsense. None of this makes any sense at all, but I'll bet it sells lots of advertising."

And here (The Anchoress):

"For some reason, these “caskets” (! caskets?) use the name “Maria” for Mary…wouldn’t Mary have been “Miryam,” not “Maria” ‘way back then?"

"They might turn one whose faith is shallow back toward the world - for approval and acceptance - but one must not fret over DaVinci Codes, and “new gospels” and “found tombs,” for they will never defeat. Easter Sunday will still dawn. Even if the church finds herself oppressed and forced underground, Easter Sunday will always dawn. And we are an Easter people. Those who do not understand it simply cannot."

I will also be making a post on this over at my place tomorrow, so check back tomorrow.


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