Sunday, January 14, 2007

Who really cares? Poor, religious Americans

According to a study by a sociologist at Syracuse University, "the further to the [political] left you are -- particularly to the secular left -- the less likely you are to donate your time or money to charity.

"Imagine two demographically identical people, except that Joe goes to church regularly and rejects the idea that the government should redistribute wealth to lessen inequality, while Sam never goes to church and favors state-driven income redistribution. Brooks says the data indicate that not only is Joe Churchgoer nearly twice as likely as Sam Secularist to give money to charities in a given year, he will also give 100 times more money per year to charities (and 50 times more to non-religious ones). ...

"This is not merely a byproduct of our wealth. In fact, one of the most interesting observations of the book is that the most giving Americans, measured as a share of their income, are the working poor. The rich come second and the middle class last."

Read more from this Chicago Tribune review.

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