Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stats show why SEC is the best

First, congratulations to the University of Florida Alligators, for their resounding defeat of (the) Ohio State University in the BCS National Championship game. They really showed people why the SEC is such an amazing Conference. They, to use a term familiar to those from up-in-the-hills (such as myself), "womp-stomped" the Buckeyes right straight into the Arizona desert, by a score of 41-14.

Just for kicks, let's review Florida's season in the SEC this year:

• at Tennessee: win, 21-20 (1 point)
Kentucky: win, 26-7 (19 points)
Alabama: win, 28-13 (15 points)
LSU: win, 23-10 (13 points)
Auburn: loss, 17-27 (-10 points)
Georgia: win, 21-14 (7 points)
• at Vanderbilt: win, 25-19 (6 points)
South Carolina: win, 17-16 (1 point)
Arkansas: win, 28-18 (10 points)

Factoring in the loss against Auburn (as 10 negative points), Florida's average margin of victory in the SEC is 6.89 points per game. That's right -- the Gators don't even have a touchdown-plus-PAT advantage over their conference brethren (which, of course, is not to say anything bad about UF).

So how did the national championship game against the "mighty" Ohio State Buckeyes go? The same Ohio State Buckeyes who were all-but-crowned, presumptive national champs? Who were supposed to beat the Gators by at least 14 points?

Final score 41-14, a 27 point victory. That's right: Florida had a greater margin of victory against the so-called #1 team in the land than against their combined margin of victory over the SEC East's two worst teams: (Kentucky, 19 point margin, and Vanderbilt, 6 point margin).

It's hard to make statistics lie. Just ask Bruce Pearl (whose current least-favorite-statistic is 81-82).

FEELING: SEC pride (along with some Commodore pride, too, since we lost to the eventual national champions by only 6 points)
LISTENING TO: What else: SEC fight songs


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