Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The 'compassionate conservative' is back

I was anxious about President Bush's State of the Union speech tonight. After this past November's election, and the return of a Democratic majority to Congress, the House Chamber did not look to be a friendly venue for the most unpopular President since Nixon to "recommend to their consideration such mesaures as he shall deem necessary and expedient."

But tonight, despite the war, despite polls, and despite a situation where a lesser man might "pack it up" and become a lame duck, the character of this reformed fratboy from Texas shone through.

In his delivery (measured and determined), in his policies (health care, immigration reform, social security, and education -- along with steadfast support for the nascent democracies in Lebanon and Iraq), and in his earnest sincerety (you could see it in his eyes), I saw the man who raised a bullhorn and raised a nation from despair. And it was good to see him again.

FEELING: Renewed hope
LISTENING TO: The State of the Union post-game coverage


At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

President Bush played more to the democrats last night. He actually sounded same for once in his presidency. Thankfully he is not a lame duck, for if he was, the Vice President might shoot him.


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