Monday, December 18, 2006

Maryland: not just crabs and football

Every time I tell somebody that Kat was raised in Gaithersburg (where I'm at right now, visiting Kat and her family), people say things like, "Oh -- Maryland, where there's crabs and football," quoting the (semi-)famous line from the film, The Wedding Crashers.

I've been to Maryland quite a few times (I've lived up here for six months, give or take, over the years), and I've never actually seen crabs (except at Baltimore's Inner Harbor district), and the football's not-so-hot (of course, I may have a little SEC bias).

On the other hand, they do have some amazing people, like Kat (obviously), and her grandmother, LoVera Alsager.

This past December 1, Mrs. Alsager turned 90. That's right: only ten years away from a century. And still, she is a Lady of grace and beauty who has inspired Kat throughout her life. Even today, she continues to give advice and encouragement to Kat and me as we prepare to marry.

During this celebration of the Advent season, I've been thinking a lot about giving and sacrifice (i.e., God sacrificing his glory to take on human flesh; Christ sacrificing his life to save unworthy people; and people giving to others sacrificially). Mrs. Alsager's gift of living is a testimony in, and of, itself: she has shown us how to faithfully pursue a life of self-sacrifice that will -- eventually -- lead her to glory with God.

I hope that when (if?) I make it to 90, I will have lived in such a way as to give others a similar witness.

FEELING: Reverent
LISTENING TO: Kat calling me back into the family room


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