Sunday, November 19, 2006

Should Christians be Republicans (or Democrats)?

So I've been digging around alot on a website I found through Wikipedia. It's the official website of the nascent political party, the Christian Democrats.

Before you sign me up for political heresy, go take a look at their website and the values that Christian communitarianism seems to espouse. And let's take a bit of an informal poll. I'm aware that quite a few folks read the ol' blog, and I'd be interested to know who thinks that the CDU might more accurately represent their values and faith (as compared with the GOP or the Dems). Leave comments with your impressions, please.

If you're skeptical, look at this excerpt from their definition of Christian democracy, as the ideology is sometimes known:
Christian Democracy is a largely centrist political-social philosophy that is usually characterized by a communitarian leaning on the political spectrum. Broadly speaking, Christian Democracy is conservative in regard to moral or cultural issues, but with a strong social conscience that often affects economic policy.
Very interesting stuff, I think. Very interesting, indeed.

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