Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lighting the way

I'll admit it: there are times when Samford can seem a little too much culturally Christian and not enough faith-having, love-sharing Christian [admittedly, it's true that a few bad apples can seem to spoil the whole bunch -- and I humbly apologize for implying that everyone at Samford takes their faith culturally or lightly -- edited Dec. 6, 2006].

But tonight I got a swift kick in the pants to remind me why this sometimes-cheesy, medium-sized, Southern Baptist university is, all kidding aside, a very special place, indeed.

Tonight Samford kicked off Advent and the Christmas Season with the annual lighting of the way: the campus was decked out with lights, greenery, and ribbon; a choir sang Christmas carols, and the president of the University read the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke.

Then, a student sang O Holy Night and campus-wide, the Christmas lights were lighted.

It was simple, it was elegant, and it was moving.

FEELING: Christmas cheer
LISTENING TO: O Come, O Come Emmanuel


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