Friday, October 06, 2006

Let the nail-biting commence

It's the day before Saturday in the South in October, and that means I can't think about anything but football.

While most of my fellow SEC brethren will be enthralled with the SEC Championship prequel taking place in the Swamp, or the eastern division thug-fest between the Hedges, I will be heading west to repast 'neath the Grove in Oxford.

United States Army Second Lieutenant Scott Williams will be reporting for duty in Birmingham to join me as we travel to Mississippi for the SEC clash between the Rebels of Ole Miss (1-4, 0-2) and our valiant Vanderbilt Commodores (2-3, 0-2).


While I am excited about Scott's homecoming to Shades Valley, I am even more excited -- and anxious -- about our big game this weekend. Vanderbilt always plays Ole Miss very close, and the games have gone into over time twice in the past five years.

And in every game, even if it didn't go into overtime, the game wasn't decided until the very end of regulation.

We won't be on TV -- guess nobody wants to see two "bad" teams play an exciting, entertaining football game -- but I will definitely be treating it as though the entire SEC championship were on the line.

So if you talk to me between now and tomorrow afternoon, know that I may be just a little bit on edge. And only one football score away from agony or ecstasy.

FEELING: Surge of Commodore Pride


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