Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Jewish atheist's perspective on evangelicals

A lady named Lauren Sandler wrote a book called Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement (review), where she attempts to analyze, from her perspective as an "unrepentant Jewish atheist" (a term she uses to describe herself), what draws young people to become Evangelical Christians.

I have not read the book, but I found this transcript of an online chat she had with readers of The readers' questions and Ms. Sandler's answers both provide an interesting insight into what those of us who happen to be followers of the Way (the Truth, and the Life) are doing right -- and wrong.

An excerpt from the chat:
[Reader from] Washington DC: Are there any common threads among the teens who are drawn to these evangelical youth groups? Have the numbers of groups and/or youth members of them increased in recent years, or is it only enhanced visibility via increasing media savvy of some of these groups? and if so, why?

Lauren Sandler: There are loads of common threads. That's one of the most intersting things about this movement, which I called the "Disciple Generation." I can't think of a youth movement that connects people more profoundly across demographic lines. This is a movement of cowboys, skaters, punk rock kids, nerds, drop-outs, cheerleaders, goth kids--you name it. And they all talk about how their faith and their faith community gives them a sense of identity, pupose, and community, which they say they can't find outside Christianity.
That's an example of what we're doing right: providing the koinonia that only Christ's Church can. But there's some bad stuff, too.

Read the whole thing.

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