Saturday, September 02, 2006

Year 1, A.J.C.

Today began the first year of Commodore Football "A.J.C." -- after Jay Cutler. Vanderbilt's football team travelled to Ann Arbor, Michigan today to take on the Wolverines, the nation's fourth-ranked team, and the lost, by a score of 7-27.

But, in that loss, the Commodores represented themselves and the SEC well: it was until the last minute of the game that the Wolverines were able to pull away with an "insurance" touchdown, and the Commodores were within six at half-time.

Despite three fumbles by redshirt-sophomore quarterback Chris Nickson, things look bright for Vanderbilt's 2006 season.

FEELING: Moderately hopeful
LISTENING TO: The theme song for "SEC on CBS"


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vanderbilt's defense looked good, and as you said they did represent the SEC very well. I don't know if they can beat UT again this year, but they should be able to give Vandy fans their money's worth.


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