Monday, August 21, 2006

And we're back

Our old logo at Cumberland. So in case you didn't know, today was the first day for us seasoned law school veterans to return to the "hallowed" halls of dear ol' Samford. And indeed, it is no longer "Cumberland School of Law at Samford University," as our erstwhile logo once read. Nay, we are now "Samford University - Cumberland School of Law." Apparently, the new Samford president has decided to assert his phenomenonal cosmic powers (don't forget the "iddy-biddy living space").

Nonetheless, it is a brave new world, as 180 bright and shining new 1Ls undertake that great opportunity and glorious semi-hazing of the insitution that we call "American legal education." My classes, so far, have been relatively good to go - without much fear or trepidation on my part. Hopefully, as everyone has told me, once you make it through the first year, you're good to go.

FEELING: Excited about new classes, new people
LISTENING TO: iTunes in the Westlaw lab


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