Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vanderbilt at Michigan Viewing Party

So I usually don't post stuff like this on my blog, but I'm really excited about it, so why not.

This Saturday (two days from now) is kick-off for Commodore Football 2006, and we open the season at the Big House in Ann Arbor, taking on the Michigan Wolverines.

Since I don't have time or money to go to Michigan, I've put together (with the help of the Birmingham Vanderbilt Club) a little viewing party at Dave's Pizza in Homewood.

If you're a Vandyfan in the general central Alabama area, you should come on down and enjoy the game. Though we may not win, but we'll still be classy. You can bet on it.

Details for the event:
• Sat., Sept. 2, 2006
• ESPN, 11 a.m. central
• Dave's Pizza, 1819 29th Ave S, Homewood
• Wear Gold

FEELING: Pumped for Saturday

Monday, August 28, 2006

Fresh meat

Today Samford's undergraduates returned to class, and the University campus was hopping with fresh, tanned, preppy faces brightly renewing old friendships and greedily (for the Greeks among them) eyeing the possibilities of new ones.

I always enjoy the vivifying effect of the undergrads' return, but I do not enjoy their seemingly infinite ability to destroy any semblance of orderly parking. We are not a big University, down in Homewood's vale, but we are, apparently, one in desperate need of adequate parking facilities.

FEELING: Hot, since it's 100 degrees outside
LISTENING TO: The combined sound of "Ahhhh!" as sorority sisters across campus exult in unison

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Addiction squared

So what happens when you combine two of my greatest addictions -- Facebook and blogging -- into one happy medium?

You get Facebook-blog-notes, and no time for yours truly to get anything done. Today I discovered, much to my, well, chagrin and pleasure (you know "hurts so good"), that Facebook now allows one to use RSS to simulcast one's blog on one's Facebook profile. Oh what the heck -- who am I kidding -- forget the "one's," and read "Dillon's."

That's right: as of today, Annales is live on Facebook.

There. I said it. Admission is the first step to recovery, right? We'll see. Anyway, thanks (and hatred) go to David Sawyer for his kindly informing me of this new, awesome, and deplorable development.

Oh, and by the way, if you didn't know that you could get Annales in RSS, here's the link to put it in your webclips (on Gmail) or your RSS reader (just copy and paste the link into the right spot and it should work).

FEELING: Euphoric and depressed
LISTENING TO: The new 1Ls tip-toeing about the library -- aren't they cute?

Monday, August 21, 2006

And we're back

Our old logo at Cumberland. So in case you didn't know, today was the first day for us seasoned law school veterans to return to the "hallowed" halls of dear ol' Samford. And indeed, it is no longer "Cumberland School of Law at Samford University," as our erstwhile logo once read. Nay, we are now "Samford University - Cumberland School of Law." Apparently, the new Samford president has decided to assert his phenomenonal cosmic powers (don't forget the "iddy-biddy living space").

Nonetheless, it is a brave new world, as 180 bright and shining new 1Ls undertake that great opportunity and glorious semi-hazing of the insitution that we call "American legal education." My classes, so far, have been relatively good to go - without much fear or trepidation on my part. Hopefully, as everyone has told me, once you make it through the first year, you're good to go.

FEELING: Excited about new classes, new people
LISTENING TO: iTunes in the Westlaw lab

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Birthday and moving

Well folks, after helping to put a murderer behind bars for life, it was time for a trip to the Promised Land for a little bit of resting before heading back to school.

And it's been a great trip, so far, too. My grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin drove all the way down from Kokomo to hang out for our annual fete of my sister's birthday, which was August 9.

After news broke that my former roommate and good friend from law school, Mike Alfano, would be transferring from Cumberland to Florida State to finish law school, I had to scramble to find someone to live with me (since I love my apartment complex). Fortunately, God came through for me in a major way when he got me together with Jason Bobo, also a Cumberlander, and Bobo's friend Zac Terrell, who's an undergrad at Birmingham's UAB. As a result, I'll be keepin' a happenin' pad down at the ol' 'Forest whilst I slave away at round two of that wonderful institution of hazing they call "law school."

LISTENING TO: The new WAY-FM translator-repeater they put up in Kingsport

Friday, August 04, 2006

The conservative shall inherit the earth?

An article I found in a progressive (read "liberal") scholarly journal has lately proclaimed that conservatives (quoting the Biblical language of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount) "shall inherit the earth." The basis for this (from his perspective) dire point of view? An analysis of global and national human population trends cross-referenced with religious worship attendance.

Turns out that the more you go to church, the more children you're likely to have. The less you go to church, the more like you are to live in a "childless, non-marital, cohabiting union." So, since the world is populated by people who used to be children, guess who all the people are coming from?

I don't buy his arguments about patriarchy, but the population study is must reading.

Read it all.

FEELING: Excited about seeing Kat
LISTENING TO: The command to "be fruitful and multiply." And that is not related to the "FEELING" part, either.