Monday, July 10, 2006

Going to court

I've already been to three courts in my time here in the office of Alabama's Attorney General, and now I'll get to add two more experiences to my docket. First, I will be journeying with my division supervisors to Talladega, Ala. for a session of the Talladega County Grand Jury. Then, on Wednesday, I get to head down to Andalusia to interview a case investigator for one case and file a motion in another.

I think my old boss, Solicitor General Kevin Newsom said it best: "Appellate work is like being a dermatologist -- no emergencies, predictable hours." If that analogy holds, I think working in violent crimes is like being the Surgeon on Call in the Emergency Room.

Does that make me the intake nurse?

FEELING: Excited
LISTENING TO: The vacuum cleaner in the AG's office


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