Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dates, beds, & "Six"-ashes

This has been quite a busy week (and weekend), hence the lack of any appreciable entry to Annales since last week.

In news, Katharyn and I took a giant leap toward our marriage life over the past seven days, securing a general idea for when our wedding will be (don't ask specifics, though, because it's not official yet).

Along the same lines, we (and by we, I mean Kat's parents) purchased Katharyn and I (and by Katharyn and I, I mean Kat) a bedroom suite that we will use once we are married. And let me tell you: if you're in the mood to feel old and mature, go buy some furniture with your significant other. It's quite an interesting experience.

As a corollary to the experience of buying furniture with Kat, let me say this: you never, and I mean never, want to be on the opposite side of a bargaining deal with Kat. She will tear you to pieces. I couldn't believe how amazing her bargaining skills were. Note to self: send Kat out to bargain more often (really, though, I shouldn't be that surprised, recalling some of our more adventuresome excursions over the years, the trip to the Gainesville, Fla. Steak-'N-Shake being foremost in my mind).

The biggest news this week, though, is not even my own. After years and years of poop and pink, Tyler Ray Fiveash and Ali Marie Levine will be man and wife as of this Saturday (which leads me to ask the all-important question: will Tyler & Ali now become the Sixashes? hahahahha).

I was honored to be asked to stand with Tyler on this important day, and I am so excited about the whole affair. It's outstanding: I'm going to get to celebrate a whole weekend with my best friend and his fiancee/wife while enjoying the company of my best friends from Vanderbilt -- and all of THAT being done in the company of the (freakin') Gulf of Mexico!

Needless to say, it's going to be an awesome weekend. The general plan, right now, is to head to Tally-ho for the evening, and then get up early on Thursday and make the trek across the Florida panhandle and down the penninsula (through "the horrid place") to Sarasota. It's going to be another fun road trip, brought to you by the letters K and D.

FEELING: Excited
LISTENING TO: My supervisor's cell phone ring


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