Monday, June 26, 2006

Scouting the Commodores

With thanks to my buddy Mark Halling, here is a little update about college football, my favorite of all sports to watch and follow.

* * *

From Athlon magazine's SEC Football Preview 2006. Opposing coaches size up Vanderbilt (each quote is from a different SEC coach, interviewed independently):

"Their players really compete for Bobby Johnson. He's one of the best head coaches we go up against from a preparation and gameplan standpoint."

"Their schemes are good, they have great coaches, their kids believe, and they compete hard. They're not overly talented, but they're tough and well-coached."

"They are very well-coached because of the way they have to win games."

"When I think of Vanderbilt, I think of really good football coaches and average players overachieving. You'd better come to play because they will. If you're not on that day, you could get upset."

In the South Carolina section of the magazine: "Spurrier now finds himself in the Bobby Johnson mode of elevating players to better than they are. He takes an average program and makes it above average. He is getting the most out of his players."

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FEELING: Excited about football season!
LISTENING TO: The Vanderbilt fight song, Dynamite


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