Friday, June 30, 2006

Independence in the Promised Land

Katharyn will be joining me for our (now) annual trip to Rogersville (otherwise known as "The Promised Land") for the Independence Day holiday. Both of us have been looking forward to the trip, and we see it as a vacation of sorts from our work-a-day schedules in law firms. The work has been hard, mentally and emotionally, for both us lately, with the divorces and abuses weighing heavily on Kat and the murders and rapes doing the same to me.

Sometimes I wonder whether we're going to be able to endure twenty years of this sort of thing, but then I remember the victims I've met during my time at the office: it re-energizes me to recall that I am working to bring those people justice and keep the People of the State safe. That is a worthy job, and it is a noble one.

I am looking forward to seeing my family, my dog, and my mountains. I am sincerely hoping to see many of my high school friends, who I really haven't seen since Christmas break, and the Land of the Three Stars seems so firmly rooted in my marrow that its call is difficult to ignore.

FEELING: Excited about a restful weekend
LISTENING TO: The 'Tennessee Waltz' (not really, but y'all know why that is there)


At 2:29 PM, Anonymous David Sawyer said...

Funny how this time last year we were emailing back and forth like bandits... er, people who email a lot. I noticed how voluminous the Rogersville, TN wikipedia entry was and thought, "I wonder if Dillon did some of that..." Sure enough, you've a busy wikipedia bee. I was going to see if you wanted to co-edit the Cumberland Law page with me, but as it turns out, someone by the name of Sweetmoose6 has already done some extensive and much needed editing. Any idea who that is?

Have a good 4th, buddy.


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