Saturday, June 24, 2006

Howdy from Texas

I was blessed to be asked to join the board of directors for the national alumni association of my fraternity, Beta Upsilon Chi. One of the duties that I have to undertake as a member of the board is attending our semi-annual meetings, held at fraternity headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

I've really enjoyed my stay here in the Lone Star State, and I always get excited about BYX when I come to these meetings. And it's hard not to, when you see what God is doing through the Fraternity.


The Episcopal Church's 2006 General Convention came up with a very watered-down version of what the folks from the global Anglican Communion were looking for. I haven't heard what the Archbishop of Canterbury and the other leaders of the national churches, called primates, are going to say about their response.

I have emailed one of the leaders of the classical Anglican movement, The Rev. Canon Kendall Harmon, about his thoughts on what my fiancee and I should consider if we decide the Episcopal Church -- or, more broadly, the Anglican tradition -- could serve Katharyn and I in our new life together.

I'll keep you up to date on what he has to say.


I also want to briefly welcome David Sawyer back to the wonderful world of blogging. As you can see in my Blogs Worth Reading section, below, David's rag is one that I enjoy following, and I'm glad to see him back in action.


I have, so far, managed to keep updating my Bible-blogging site, Ambulans in Itinere, every weekday. I think that's the pattern I'm going to try to uphold. It's been a really neat experience for me to set down my thoughts about God's word. I would really like to hear what some of you think, though. Please, please, please: add your thoughts as a "Comment" after reading the Scripture I discuss.

FEELING: Tired, but productive; and pumped about what God is doing in BYX
LISTENING TO: Some of the other guys talking about our plans for going our tonight in the DFW metroplex


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