Friday, June 16, 2006

Get this man a Mini Cooper

The Nashville City Paper did a feature today on what certain prominent Nashvillians want for Father's Day. I had to share this entry:
Vanderbilt University Chancellor Gordon Gee, father of 30-year-old Rebecca: “My daughter is getting married and she’s graduating at the same time from her residency program at Harvard’s medical school. For Father’s Day, I’d love for the weatherman to call me up and assure me that there will be beautiful weather on her wedding day in the fall. If I can’t have that, I’d love for someone to give me a yellow Mini Cooper convertible.”
I can't wait to see him driving that thing around campus on West End.

* * *
FEELING: Like it would be hilarious to see bespectacled and bow tie clad Gee in a Mini Cooper
LISTENING TO: The State of Alabama build this new office building outside my window (talk about loud)


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