Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Continued prayer for the Episcopal Church

Today the Episcopal Church of the United States again reconsiders whether they will comply with the demands of the global Anglican Communion to conform to the historic faith of that body. Most the commentators that I have been reading on the subject seem to think that either (1) a compromise will not happen or (2) if there is a compromise, it will be so compromised that the leaders of the other national churches, called primates, will be unable to accept it as a legitimate and good-faith response to the statement they issued in Windsor in 2004.

If a legitimate response cannot be developed by the leaders of the Episcopal Church, then the consequences are significant: the Episcopal Church could be separated from the Communion and no longer recognized as the legitimate expression of Anglicanism in the United States. For the members of that church, it is a major decision, and a fundamental one in the life of Anglican Christianity.

For those of us who are considering becoming members of that Church (as I discussed, below, that Katharyn and I had contemplated), it is devastating.

We must pray that God would move in a powerful way for Spirit-filled compromise to occur, such that the unity of global Anglicanism, within an orthodox context, can continue.

O God, we pray for our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal Church of the United States and in the Anglican Communion. We pray that your Holy Spirit would lead them into all truth, and that their thoughts, wishes, desires, and hopes would be crucified with Christ so that they would not live, but that Christ would live in them. Thank you for your Body, the Church; through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

FEELING: Anxious
LISTENING TO: News about the decisions being made at the Church's General Convention in Columbus, Ohio


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