Thursday, June 15, 2006

Breath of fresh air for my beloved Convention

I was raised in a Southern Baptist church in the hills of East Tennessee. I came to faith in Jesus Christ at that church, and I grew in that faith at a Southern Baptist summer camp. Thus, no matter where life may take me in the future, my hopes and prayers for the Convention will ever increase.

I am excited -- and blogging -- about the Convention today because of the election of our new President, Frank Page. President Page is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Taylors, S.C., and his first press conference shows that he is bringing a fresh point of view to our recently bedeviled denomination.

Specifically, his commitment to the Cooperative Program, his affirmation of Biblical inerrancy, and his willingness to uphold traditional Baptist ideals regarding soul competency, which have been under attack of late, point toward a man willing to seek after God's will instead of that of the Convention's political establishment.

Probably my favorite quote from him so far, and one I believe summarizes his position well, is this:
"I believe in the Word of God. I'm just not mad about it."
To that, I can but add my hearty "Amen."

* * *
FEELING: Excited about the future
LISTENING TO: Out-going SBC President Bobby Welch's impassioned plea for more participation and willingness to follow God's lead


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