Monday, February 20, 2006

Finally: an update to Annales

Since I haven't updated Annales in almost a month, I thought a nice, comprehensive update post would be appropriate: more for myself, than for you the readers.

Without further ado, organized chronologically by topic:


One of my good friends and brothers from Vanderbilt, Mark Halling (BYX '03), visited Birmingham over the weekend of January 27-29. It was nice to be able to have a friend in town to whom to show the place.

It was also good to have someone encouraging me to spend my money as opposed to conserve it (mom and Kat -- don't fuss, please).


During the first week of February, my good buddy Patrick Johnson asked me to be his partner for the Williams Freshman Trial Competition.

Basically, the event is a tournament whose first round consists of each two-man team playing both the Plaintiff (in this case, the State of Nita in a criminal case) and the Defendant (in this case, counsel for a supposed "simple, naive hairdresser" charged with trafficking cocaine).

Patrick and I had our first trial on a Tuesday, and we did really well as the defendant, winning our case.

The next week, we had our turn as the State, and again, we did well -- though this time, the competition was much stiffer, going against our friends Matt Seymore (of Louisville) and Lea Mosley (of Alabama).

We waited to hear the scores, and we learned that we had made it from the initial round, consisting of 32 two-man teams, to the Round of Eight: eight, two-man teams, or sixteen law students from the entire freshman class.

Patrick and I had drawn the role of the Prosecution again, and we felt confident that we could do a decent job of trying the case. Our opponents, as the Defense, were Baird Beers (of Sewanee) and Thad Inge (of Georgetown).

Baird and Thad did a great job, and though I felt that the trial was a draw (with hard-hitting broadsides given and received by both sides), the fact that the case facts slant toward the Defendant probably gave them the edge. I'll be cheering them on in the quarter-finals (or is it semi-finals? -- who knows, let's call it the Final Four).


I turned twenty-three on the night of the second round of the Round of 32 of the Trial Competition, and since my trial was from roughly 7-10ish, I wanted to go home and go straight to bed. Kat had come to town to celebrate my birthday, her birthday, Valentine's Day, and our anniversary, but we were both worn out and ready to go to bed.

When I got home to my apartment, I noticed Mike standing around in the darkened common room; I didn't think much of it. Kat and I started unloading my bags and belongings in my room, with a mind to begin unloading her luggage once I'd unloaded my trial things, when all of a sudden, twenty people yelled surprise and ran into my room.

My roommate had organized a bit of a surprise party for me, with cake, Coke, and everything else necessary for a mature, young adult soiree. I was completely surprised and very grateful. I hadn't expected it, and that made it that much more meaningful. Thanks to Mike, and everyone who came.


The other significant thing that has been going on in my life of late have been job interviews. I've had somewhere in the neighborhood of a decade of interviews, but I'm not sure how effective those will be at yielding actual job offers.

I've both success and failure: three firms have asked me to attend their recruitment parties (which sound exectly like what they are: one more reason to make analogy between Greek life and law life), I've had what amounts to a job offer, and I've been flatly rejected by a firm.

I'd say my record, then, is 1-1-1.

Keep those in your prayers, though. Kat got a job in Tallahassee, and I'd like to be somewhere near her, if not in Birmingham, then maybe somewhere in that general direction.


As we celebrate the Seventh Week of Epiphany, we look forward to the Eighth and the upcoming festival of Shrove Tuesday, known in French-speaking areas as Mardi Gras. It's the day before Ash Wednesday, and as such, it's the last day of the festive season of Epiphany before the penitential season of Lent.

I hope to find some brothers in Christ with whom to share a Lenten commitment, and I hope to be able to participate in an Ash Wednesday service.


That should do it as far as update. It's concise and to the point, but I believe that covers the general idea. Important things I didn't mention above, but that I do want to mention include:

• Mom & Dad's Thirtieth wedding anniversary on Feb. 14
• Dad's birthday on Feb. 16
• Kat's birthday on Feb. 18
• Mine & Kat's Fourth relationship anniversary on Feb. 23
• Brooke's 1,000th point as an Emory & Henry Lady Wasp (college basketball)
• My laptop (finally) gave up the ghost after almost five years
• Joined eBay and bought a 2.5 year-old Apple Powerbook G4 (I always said my next computer would be an Apple)

It's been a busy February (as always), but it's been a good one so far. I am so thankful for the blessings that God has given, and I pray that God would continue to grant that this year is filled with His presence.

FEELING: Partly cloudy, and looking forward to Spring
LISTENING TO: The sound of the clock as I get ready to be almost-late for Contracts II with Professor Bolla