Friday, December 09, 2005

Intrigue: the spice of life

So apparently, my blog is no where near as exciting as my good buddy Dave Sawyer's. Over at his blog, his entries are starting to have real world consequences.

I guess my problem is that there's too much politician in me, worrying about how my personal life, broadcasted to a large audience, will be used against me in the future. Of course, Kat would just say that I'm, as usual, being paranoid.

In other news, the Lieutenant and I are growing frustrated with our exams here at ol' Samford (pronounced, and drawlled, "Suh-am-fuhrd," by the Alabamians). It's not that they're getting any more difficult, it's just that we're becoming less and less motivated to do well on them.

Hopefully, though, our peer study group -- for whom we have yet to develop a name -- will pull us through. And by the way, if you have any suggestions for what to name the study group that consists of me, Bobo, the Lieutenant, Ashton's cousin Dave, and Carey, please feel free to Comment down-below.

SO! Who's excited to see Narnia!

I know I am. But I can't decide whether to see it here in Birmingham (which is what I'm leaning toward, seeing how I'm clearly impatient) or to wait and see it in Rogersville. The classic Dillonistic thing to do would be to, as Kat always says that I try to do, "have my cake and eat it, too." In other words, I'll see it here in the 'Ham, and then go home and see it in the Promised Land!

Yesssssssss: score bonus.

Of course, there could be a slight problem with that: it seems, according to my sources, that Rogersville's quaint-yet-functional movie theatre, Cinema 4 seems to have finally closed. I say finally not because I'm happy to see Rogersville lose a business or see our only movie theatre (the next-nearest one-worth-going-to is either in Kingsport, 30 minutes away or in Morristown, 25 minutes away, yet a world away in redneckness).

The thing is, Cinema 4 was being managed very poorly, by an individual who didn't seem to hold either himself or his employees to the highest standards of customer service or theatre quality. In other words, they let the place run down. It was getting pretty bad.

Hopefully, a new company will purchase the building -- built brand new about 10 years ago -- and new management will bring renewed vigor back to the cinematic experience in Tennessee's second-oldest town (after all, Tennessee's oldest town doesn't even have a movie theatre! So ha! How about that, Jonesborough!).

Hmmm... I suppose I'm still not quite as intriguing as Dave's blog. But maybe, if I start using more "stream of consciousness" in my blogging, it will become both more lurid and more entertaining.

And hey! Give me a little bit o' lovin'. If you read my blog, ever so slightly at all, leave a comment, and let me know how I'm doing; or, with apologies to my one-time swimming coach Carter Hale, "leave your questions, comments, witty remarks, funny stories, and caustic insults" using the clever comments device below.

Aight -- I'm out. Contracts exam is today, in fact, I will be taking it in only about two hours. Probably should cram some. And pray a lot.

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At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh silly dillon, don't you get it? you DON'T want real world consequences...

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to hear you have a blog.

you have GOT to go see Narnia. It's the most amazing movie ever. I'm dead serious about that.

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous David Sawyer said...

I agree with Anonymous I. You don't want them.


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