Sunday, December 11, 2005

Exams = laziness

There's just something about exams that brings out the laziness streak in me. I mean, normally, as most people will attest, I'm fairly lazy (review the jobs I've had: lifeguard, disc jockey, and intern -- no strenuous work there, though sometimes during the interships that wasn't necessarily always the case).

But today, at Panera, I was joined by the Lieutenant and by Dave Sawyer for a study session extraordinaire. During our time at this trendy little bread shop (that sometimes reminds me of the batisseries of France, only Americanized), both David and I were enjoying people-watching the Samfordites (a.k.a., Samford undergrads) who were here studying.

They're usually quite hilarious, and today proved no different: in between a mom counseling her daughter's beloved about what job he should have once he graduates (the kid was all of 17) and the vast amounts of sexual tension between the kiddies, it was a people-watcher's dream.

During this people-watching fun-time, I wanted to call Dave's attention to certain individuals, using the time-honored "clock system," where straight ahead is "12" and behind is "6" and so on.

Here comes the sad part: I used instant messenger to communicate this to David, despite his being one table away. I admit it: it was pitiful, and it was unexcuseable.

Five de-merits for Cumberland House.

Well, as a reward for my laziness, I'm going to treat myself to Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe tonight (hey: the tickets were free from a friend).

I'm sure I'll be too exuberant to continue studying tonight, but we'll see.

Keep praying for that exam on Tuesday: looks like I'm definitely going to need it.

FEELING: A sugar-high from my Panera sweet tea
LISTENING TO: The jazzy elevator music on the loudspeakers


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