Thursday, November 10, 2005

Samford = Youth camp

Today at lunch, in Samford's Beeson University Center, I was enjoying some Chik-Fil-A with fellow future-lawyers Jason Bobo, Huntingdon College '05, and David Kutcher, University of the South '05, when we noticed a Samfordite -- a.k.a., a Samford undergrad -- doing an amazing stupid-human-trick.

Proudly wearing his fraternity letters (perhaps his letters should remain anonymous, in the interests of preserving their and his pride), this young man, probably about 20, was balancing his flippable cell phone open on his nose.

It was both amazing and disheartening: it was a cool talent, but it makes one wonder with what exactly these young Samfordites fill their time.

At any rate: I love it here, despite the silliness of some of my fellow (and yes, I am one, now, too) Samfordites.


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Colyn said...

Man, I hope I get accepted to Samford. Not only would it be cool to be called a 'Samfordite', I would also like to be able to balance a cell phone on my nose.


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