Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pray for Brooke

My little sister Brooke, a.k.a. "PLS," needs your prayers. She was playing in a scrimmage for the Emory & Henry College Lady Wasps, when she was going to shoot a three-pointer. The defender attempted to block Brooke out, and in the process of doing so, she knocked Brooke's feet out from under her.

My sister hit the court, with most of her body-weight on her elbow and her head. Brooke says that she momentarily blacked out, and when she came-to, she was very dizzy. Since her head was hurting, the training staff at E&H immediately took Brooke to the Emergency Room, where (after three hours), my family was informed that Brooke had a concussion.

My mom initially said that PLS would have to be bedfast for at least 48 hours; after I spoke to Brooke tonight, it appears that she will have to stay in bed until November 20 (note that the injury occurred on the night of Tuesday, November 15). That's five days, and that means that Number 25 won't be putting on the Blue and Gold for her first two games as a senior.

Please pray that Brookie would recover quickly; that she would be patient; and that God would remind her how much He loves her in this difficult time.


As you're praying for my sister, please also remember this request from a member of the First Baptist Church of Birmingham, AL Sanctuary Choir (where I am also a member of the choir, attending church there):

The lady in the choir said that a family friend of hers was suffering through the very difficult situation of dealing with their 19-year-old son comitting suicide. The young man's name is Kevin, and his family is certainly in need of your prayers.


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