Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Giving thanks

Let us give thanks to God our Father for all his gifts so freely bestowed upon us.

For the beauty and wonder of your creation, in earth and sky and sea, we thank you, Lord.

For the majesty of the mountains in which you raised me up, for the glory of the trees and fields and grass upon which you kept me safe, for the splendor of the lake, river, creeks, and streams in which you allowed me to swim, and for special place that you gave me as home, I thank you Lord.

For all that is gracious in the lives of men and women, revealing the image of Christ, we thank you, Lord.

For the fellowship of friends, for the joy of family, and for the blessings of love companionship, I thank you, Lord.

For our daily food and drink, our homes and families, and our friends, we thank you, Lord.

For giving me, every day, more food than I deserve, for my beautiful home, for my loving Father, Mother, and sister, for my brothers in and under Christ, for those from Rogersville, Vanderbilt, and Samford, and for Katharyn, I thank you, Lord.

For minds to think, and hearts to love, and hands to serve, we thank you, Lord.

For the ability to learn and grow in mind and spirit, for your grace in granting that I graduate from Cherokee, Vanderbilt, and some-day Samford, for the blessing of knowing You as Lord and Savior, and for the unspeakable joy of your love in my heart, for the love of my family, and for the love of my fiancee, I thank you, Lord.

For health and strength to work, and leisure to rest and play, we thank you, Lord.

For the grace you've given in granting that I continue to have motivation to study and complete my assignments, for the grace you've given in allowing me friends and entertainment, for granting my unspoken (and unconscious) prayer for a pleasant season of Vanderbilt football, and for allowing me to swim, and sing, and read, I thank you, Lord.

For the brave and courageous, who are patient in suffering and faithful in adversity, we thank you, Lord.

For the example of your servant Joann, from the First Baptist Birmingham choir, for courage of your servants who are being persecuted around the world, for the love you show through your missionaries and pastors, and for the boldness of those who seek to proclaim your Gospel around the world, I thank you, and give you glory, Lord.

For all valiant seekers after truth, liberty, and justice, we thank you, Lord.

For the lawyers and judges who you have shown me who remain faithful to You, for the courage of the political leaders who seek your will in their work, and for all of those who faithfully lead your people here and around the world, I thank you, Lord.

For the communion of saints, in all times and places, we thank you, Lord.

For First Baptist Church of Rogersville and all those who nurtured me there, for First Baptist Church of Nashville and all those who encouraged me there, for First Baptist Church of Birmingham and for all those who inspire me there, for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Gaithersburg and all those who taught me there, for Christ Anglican Church in Mobile and all those who worship you there, and for the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church around the world throughout time, I thank you, Lord.

Above all, we give you thanks for the great mercies and promises given to us in Christ Jesus our Lord; to him be praise and glory, with you, O Father, and with you, O Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen.

---Italicized portions from the "Litany of Thanksgiving," p. 836, The Book of Common Prayer, 1979.


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