Monday, November 28, 2005

Exams, Advent, and Thanksgiving Recap

It's exam time at law school, and that means that everyone's favorite Rogersvillian law student will be putting his nose to the proverbial grind-stone.

I would definitely appreciate your prayers: my first exam is Friday, December 2 (in criminal law).


Thanks to Scott, Mark Arinci, Carrie Davis, Matt Seymore, and Bryce Kirksey for making it out to the apartment last night to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent with a candle-lighting. It was a good experience.

For those in the Birmingham area, I'll be hosting another short candle-lighting celebration this next Sunday at 10 pm. Call me for details.


It was really great to see my family down here in the 'Ham this past weekend. I hadn't gotten to see mom, dad, or my sister Brookie since July (I think), and it was good to have family-fun-times with them over the short Thanksgiving break.

While they were here, I gave them the requisite Samford tour (since neither my dad nor my sister had seen it before), and we took a trip to see Vulcan (more for me than for them, I think).

It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to hang out with them.

I sort of felt bad when it was time for them to go, however. Mom seemed to really take it hard when they left. I don't understand why it's so hard on her (people always say that I will understand once I have kids -- I hope so). If you get a chance, throw up a prayer or two for her. With dad going back out to work for a couple of weeks, she'll be alone again (and maybe that's why it's so hard).


Now that Facebook has spread to most schools, the Rogersvillians are finally getting on it. It's been nice to welcome several of my CHS friends and buddies onto the internet's second-most-addictive website (the first, of course, is Wikipedia).


Speaking of Rogersville, this weekend is Tennessee's second-oldest town's annual Christmas Parade! The event, which travels from the intersection of Warrior Street and East Main Street to the intersection of Armstrong Road and West Main Street (about a mile or so), is one of my favorite times of the year.

Rogersville is always quaint, no matter what time of the year. But when the town is decked out for Christmas, with white Christmas lights in the windows of all the downtown shops, candles in the windows of all the shops, offices, and homes, and beautiful Nativity scenes on at least three of the public squares (I suppose no one's too worried about legal action), it's my second-most favorite time of the year (my favorite, of course, being Rogersville during Easter, when everything is blooming and it's literally neon green with dogwoods and wysteria).

The parade is sponsored by the Rogersville/Hawkins County Chamber of Commerce (say that three times fast), which is, of course, directed by my mom. You should probably pray for her on this Saturday as well, 'cause it's always a stressful, if exciting, time.


This past weekend, the 2005-06, up-and-coming men's basketball team at Vanderbilt faced the Georgetown Hoyas up in the District of Columbia and won, in an exciting game. Though I didn't get to see it (it was not broadcast on television), the Georgetown athletics website did have a short highlights reel that made me very impressed with our players.

I especially noticed Shan Foster, the sophomore who I spoke so highly of last year during his freshman year at VU. Shan has apparently been working hard in the weight room (he looks like he may have put on as much as 10-15 pounds of muscle), and his stats reflect the fact that he is hustling.

Who knows: maybe he'll be the next Vandy superstar, a la Matt Freije.


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