Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Crappie Celebration

One of the joys of attending a football game in person is not getting to see the instant replay of what might have been.

Since I returned from Gainesville, all I have heard about from friends and foes alike is the excessive celebration penalty that was called against Vanderbilt after our touchdown in the final minutes of regulation play against Florida.

All the newspapers and internet sites have been discussing it, and everyone seems to agree -- even the folks down in Malaria-Land -- that the Dores got the short straw in a very important draw.

Coach Bobby Johnson has said that he had already called a time out to get the Black and Gold ready to set up a two-point conversion to win the game when the SEC referee in the end zone flagged freshman Earl Bennett for excessive celebration.

I have not seen any of the replays, but all the hype from people -- even the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said that Vandy got beat by the team wearing black-and-white.

In the end, though, all this speculation doesn't matter. The Commodores still have a chance to make their dreams come true; and if we're going to do that, we have to beat Kentucky this week.

The game is not on television (of course, that's not really a surprise), but you'd better believe that I'm going to be glued to my computer, listening to the live play-by-play from the Voice of the Commodores, Joe Fisher, as he paints the picture of the Commodores' future.

And should we come away victorious this Saturday -- which we may not do, even after our play against UF -- we still have a long journey ahead: on the map, Knoxville is only 180 miles to the east. But in the minds of those from Commodore Country, it's a journey into the deepest, darkest territory on Earth.

God help us.


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