Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Close, but no cigar

The Dores beat the spread against Spurrier's 'Cocks, but they were unable to pull out the win.

Still, I am heartened by their willingness to play tough and not give up in a very hostile environment -- and believe me, every time that blasted rooster crow sounded over the public address system, that place became a hostile environment (not to mention a little silly: I mean, it was a rooster crowing).

At any rate, the valiant men in Gold and Black have an off-week this Saturday, and it comes at a crucial point in the season. The Commodores are now 4-4 (2-3), and tied with lowly Tennessee (boy, it's fun to write lowly as an adjective for the Vawls) in the SEC East. We're a little banged up, and a week to recover and prepare is just what Bobby Johnson ordered to get Vanderbilt ready to for our next game: a homecoming contest in Gainesville against the Florida Alligators.

I'll be down in The Swamp for the game, and I am looking forward to (1) seeing my fiancée (after all, I miss her a lot, and I can't wait to spend some quality time with her) and (2) seeing our heroes take on the Gators.

That match-up took on added importance for the Dores, as it became their third national television game: ESPN2 announced that they would be showing the game as one of their big SEC match-ups. Honestly, I think it's a good call: considering the other games taking place that night, considering how both Vandy and Florida have been playing, the game is shaping up to be an exciting one.

Plus, as my cynical brother Mark Halling is keen to point out, "Gator Nation" (whatever that means) will likely tune in to see a potentially close game.

I'll hold off on making any predictions this week, except for one: Notre Dame is probably going to make Yew Tee look pretty bad this week. Hope the home-folks are ready!


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