Monday, March 14, 2005

Sur la rentre...

[On the return...]

It's great to be back in Nash Vegas for the last two months (!) of college. Insert exclamations about how it seems like I should not be graduating. After all, I shouldn't.

But then again, I'm freaking twenty-two, so maybe I should. Since I'm old as dirt. Ahem. So over the break, I ordered my graduation regalia and invitations. Again, one more way to feel as old as possible.

VANDERBILT suffered a few setbacks over the break. As mentioned, our women made it to the second round of the SEC tournament, defeated by Tennessee. Our men, on the other hand, decided to choke, and lost to Auburn in the first round of the tournament. Talk about blah. And if any of you people leave a comment saying "War Eagle" or some crap, I'll never speak to you again. Period.

The women got seeded fifth in the NCAA tournament, playing their first round up in faraway Seattle, Washington. Maybe Todd Turner will come watch them play.

As for the men, they were relegated (and, unfortunately, rightly so) to the NIT. They'll be playing their first game against Indiana University on the campus of IU up in (you guessed it) Indiana. Something tells me we're not going to do very well.

IN OTHER NEWS, I haven't heard any positive news from law schools yet: don't worry, as soon as I do, I'll be sure to trumpet it from the mountaintops that I will have finally been admitted to an institution wherein I shall study the law.

FINALLY, I want to wish my good friend from home, Elizabeth Beach, a very happy twenty-second birthday. Welcome to old age, Liz.


At 5:32 AM, Anonymous Casey Zumwalt said...

Hey Dillon.. thanks for inviting us and putting up with us this weekend. IP was a blast.. you need to come down here and hang out with us before you graduate. (I know that's probably entirely impossible.. but hey.. I asked)

Thanks again.


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