Monday, March 07, 2005

Spring Break: The Promised Land

It is so good to be back in Rogersville. I missed the Promised Land a lot.

Family and I went to good ol' First Baptist Church today, and it turned out to be Youth Sunday. The Youth Ministry really outdid itself this year, with our intertim Youth Minister leading the congregation, a four-person bluegrass band providing the music (with old-tyme Southern Baptist hymns), and a really neat skit performed by all of the youth that outlined God's plan of redemption.

Pastor Reilly gave an impassioned sermon (actually, he almost seemed desperate), and it really got me to thinking about how things are going.

Mom and I had lunch at Charlie's, and I got my usual meal: hamburger steak, baked potato, creamed corn, and green beans. And let me tell you, I sure did enjoy the sweet tea at Charlie's -- no one else on Earth (except Pal's Sudden Service and mom) has better.

After church and Charlie's, mom and I went back home, and I got to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day. It was in the upper fifties, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Titan (my dog, who is a mix between a chow and a German shepherd) and I played around in the field, and he and I teased our horse, Comet (a beautiful Palomino quarterhorse whose full, registered name is Comet's Gift), because, well, she's psycho. And Titan always loves chasing her (before, of course, he gets chased by her).

Dinner was pizza from Pizza Hut, and then bedtime. There's a reason that Rogersville is called Tennessee's Best-Kept Secret. :)


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