Monday, February 21, 2005

A Weekend with BYX in Texas

FRIDAY, riding with Brother Tyler Fiveash and pledge brothers Sean Reilly and Richard Baxter, we drove the eleven-hour journey to Dallas, Texas for the annual Beta Upsilon Chi National Summit.

For those who know what I'm talking about, we did eat, on the way down, at Dos Loco Gringos Mexican Restaurant and Steakhouse in beautiful Hope, Arkansas. If you've never been, you're missing out on a life-changing experience (clearly).

This year's event was even better that last year's. When we got there, our brothers from around the country were still meeting, and so we got to participate in the end of the ceremonies and activities on Friday night.

We then moved in and hung out with our brothers from VU -- sharing our lodge were the men who are colonizing a chapter of BYX at the University of Georgia. There are great guys.

ON SATURDAY, we had breakfast, a bit of fraternity-wide QT, and we went to the Morning Convocation. Nu Chapter represented well, and we kicked some butt. After some praise and worship and listening to our Convention speaker, we were assigned to our BYX Olympics teams for the big day of competition.

Our teams were named after the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and my team was named after Moses' brother Aaron, who was of the tribe of Levi. Thus, we were "set apart for the Lord" as Levites (the preceeding sentence contains a corny, Dillonic Bible joke).

After a hard day of competition (and a Texas-style lunch of grilled sausage complete with tortilla), we got to hear from the stage about who won the day: though the Levites did not win the championship trophy, we did place third.

After Summit ended, I headed over to Richard's house in Highland Park, Texas.

Highland Park is a unique place, in that it is one of the locations that feeds lots of students into the Vanderbilt student population. I've known at least five to six people from Highland Park here at Vandy, and the place is only 2.5 square miles. Needless to say, it's home to a highly educated and affluent populace who love the atmosphere created by a neighborhood that includes SMU, the Dallas Country Club, and billionaires (literally).

Baxter showed us around, and we celebrated his birthday with him and his family at Bax's favorite Mexican restaurant (props to him and his mom for their excellent Spanish conversation with the waitress).

We hopped in the hot tub and watched a movie later, with plenty of "dwelling in unity" to be enjoyed by all.

SUNDAY saw us leave for Vandy, and except for a two-and-a-half-hour traffic jam near Hazen, Arkansas (due to a pretty bad wreck), things went smoothly.

Thanks to Teemoney for letting us ride in his car.


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