Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Weekend

Let's leave aside the fact that I despise Valentine's Day (as a ridiculous consumer holiday designed to force men into purchasing needless things for women -- it's not as if I love her more on Valentine's Day or love her less on all days not Valentine's Day -- but I digress), and talk about what an amazing weekend it was.

ON FRIDAY, Kat and I decided to spend a quiet night together, just hanging out. We went to dinner together and then watched a video after our requisite hour-long debate in Blockbuster (Kat and I cannot make a move decision the same way that Congress fights over controversial legislation -- it's not very pretty). We saw Timeline, a Michael Crighton film based upon a book that she and I have both read.

SATURDAY, we avoided watching our Vanderbilt Commodores lose to the evil Mississippi State Bulldogs (barely), and instead, we got ready for the two parties we were supposed to be at (and yes, I realize that sentence ends in a preposition -- I'm writing in stream-of-consciousness, here, people).

Kat's Alpha Delta Pi party was held at Exit/In, a landmark Nashville locale that's a cross between a concert venue and a honky tonk, and the theme was based on the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

We didn't go along with the ADPi theme, however, because we were both really excited about the theme for the Beta Upsilon Chi party.

For BYX Valentine's, we decided to do famous couples. The reason that Kat and I were excited about this is because we had come up with the perfect couple for us to be: Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

IN ADDITION to movie-watching on Friday and party-going on Saturday, I also have to thank Dayna Watson for cooking chili and Sprite cake for me at the ADPi house and Mary Jane Philpy for inviting Kat and I to have dinner with her and her boyfriend Clay before all the parties.

ON SUNDAY, I got to go to church with Kat at St. Augustine's Chapel on the VU campus. Afterwards, we had lunch with my Sunday school class from First Baptist Nashville at Mellow Mushroom.

Finally, on Sunday night, I had dinner and some great conversation (as usual) with ol' Mark Halling.

It was an awesome weekend.


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