Monday, February 07, 2005

Quite a weekend

This weekend was a fairly eventful one.

ON FRIDAY, Kat and I had dinner with Alumnus Brother Dustin Whittier (BYX '03) and then joined several of our friends at the Turner Recital Hall at Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music to hear our good friend Linnette McCloud give her Senior Recital.

It was an amazing performance. I knew that Linnette could sing wonderfully -- and she did that and more. What I had not realized was that she has emminent stage presence. Her performance was incredibly dynamic, and I look forward to seeing where she will be in a few years.

Brother David Bachman (BYX '03) -- her fiancee -- was hilarious in his support; it is not difficult for me to see Linnette and him preparing for marriage this Fall.

Kat and I went out with Dustin and some others after Linette's shin-dig for some drinks at the Flying Saucer. Fun times had by all.

ALSO ON FRIDAY, I learned about a couple of very sad events that took place this week.

First, Pam Schneller (here with her loving husband Roland this past Christmas), the director of Vanderbilt's Concert Choir and the assistant dean at Blair School of Music, was struck by a van while she was jogging on Thursday morning. Pam was in Los Angeles, California for the American Choral Directors Association national convention, and so it has been a difficult couple of days for the choirites and everyone connected to Pam.

Please be in prayer for Pam (for healing), her family (for strength), and for our choir (that we'll keep together).

Only about fifteen minutes after I first learned about Pam, on Friday afternoon after class, I also learned, from my Mom, about the death -- and probable suicide -- of Brett Laroy, a young man with whom I attended Rogersville City School (K-8) and Cherokee High School with (9-12).

According to what I have learned from mom and friends (thanks to Marla Gibson for keeping me up-to-date), Brett evidently hung himself at his mom's house.

It is always difficult when someone dies in Rogersville -- we're so close there. But it is especially difficult for a family when something like this happens. It always causes our community to stop and ask, "Why?" -- and sometimes, there are not (on this side of Heaven) answers to questions like that.

Please be in prayer for Brett's family, especially his mom; his friends; and our community.

SATURDAY was also a big day on campus. The University of Kentucky Wildcats came to Nashville to take on my Commodores in a huge SEC East match-up.

I had to roll out of bed at 11 o'clock to head over and get ready for a pre-game tailgate at the old Phi Delt house as a member of the Memorial Maniacs. My friend, Brother Mark Halling (BYX '03), is the President of Maniacs and was in charge of the event that included free pizza and (as always) free stuff (this week it was giant V-U foam hands).

More fun was had because we had our pledges paint up for the game, spelling "!THIS IS OUR HOUSE!" on their chests.

Aren't they cute (see picture). And yes, that is a Spanish explanation point in front of the sentence.

Well, we lost the game (Kentucky still sucks, nonetheless), but at least we got to have a little fun.

THIS SUNDAY was the previously advertised BYX Male $ale, our member auction that raises money for our community outreach concert festival (called Island Party) that will be held later this year (on April 1 on Wilson Lawn, to be exact).

It went extremely well. Thanks to all the lovely ladies who participated; special thanks to Kat for purchasing me.

Obviously the Super Bowl was this Sunday, meaning that I had to go to all the perfunctory parties. I am not a fan of professional football (or any pro sport, for that matter), but at least the commercials are slightly entertaining.

It did make me pine away for college football -- it's just so much better.


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