Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Maniacs strike back...

I am a member of the Memorial Maniacs, the group of students who wear the same t-shirt and sit in the best seats down in Vanderbilt's historic Memorial Gymnasium, home of Vanderbilt basketball.

We're usually the loudest, rowdiest, and most black-and-gold fans in the student section.

And last night, against our arch-rival Tennessee (who the Vandy students usually refer to as "The Arnge Horde" or "The Evil Brutes from the East"), we were quite effective.

Our goal every week is to try and make a difference in the actual basketball game, and it looks like this week, we may have accomplished it:

Veteran C.J. Watson forced a shot as the Vandy student section incorrectly counted down the shot clock in the first half. Watson panicked, let fly. The shot clock still had four seconds left.

That, according to Joe Biddle in his column "Pysch 101: Vols are basketball mystery" is why we're there, ladies and gentlemen.


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