Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rest in peace, Drew

I attended a showing of Moolaade, an independent film designed to raise awareness of the global issue of female genital mutilation. It was a very moving film, and I feel like I now have at least an introductory knowledge of something affecting millions of women around the world.

While I was at the Belcourt Theatre watching the film, my brothers were gathering a Delta Gamma sorority for a swap with them, called "Desserts with DG."

I went to the swap last year, and it was a lot of fun -- the ladies of DG put on a very nice event, making desserts and showing us around the house. This year, their house voted on who they wanted to host, and out of all the male organizations on campus (including other fraternities and varsity sports teams), they decided that they wanted to invite Beta Upsilon Chi.

Needless to say, when I got back from the Belcourt, I was keen to ask my brothers how the event went: did the sisters have a good time, was there a good turn-out of the brothers, did the pledges dress well. As I came home to my suite in Carmichael Towers, I saw a sticker on the front door of my room: it was a picture of Drew Donnelly, one of my suitemates and a fellow Buck, with a caption that said "Rest in Peace, Drew."

It seems that several of the brothers wore these stickers to the swap tonight, because Drew was unable to attend (young Brother Donnelly is seen here in his thefacebook.com portrait).

Only in BYX, ladies and gents. Only in BYX.


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