Monday, January 31, 2005

A new birth of freedom

Today's editorial in The Washington Post, "A Vote to Pesevere," expresses much of the feeling that I have after watching the coverage of the elections in Iraq yesterday.

Watching the moving footage of people voting for the very first time in their lives was amazing. I felt as if I had a window on what our founding fathers and mothers must have felt when they cast their first ballots under the new Constitution in 1789.

Of course the elections weren't perfect; innocent Iraqis died yesterday; and another American soldier gave his life to preserve liberty for a people not his own.

Yet at the same time, this world of ours saw a new birth of Freedom yesterday as "IRAQ" was forever inscribed among the names of history's democracies.

This new star joining the constellation of self-government is yet dim. But with a renewed commitment to why we are there in the first place, Americans have the duty and the privilege of continuing to help the Iraqi people -- a people who, much like ourselves at the end of the eighteenth century, yearn for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" -- step forward and answer the Divine call to Freedom.


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