Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hit the reset button...

So I had originally planned on doing a blog post at least a couple of times per week during Centrifuge, hence the wonderful post below from June 24, 2004. If you want to see some classic Barkerian prose, do read that post. It's a good one.

Obviously, I wasn't too successful in doing what I had hoped, since I only have one post there. Mainly, I ended up not having enough time to do the kind of posting that I wanted to do—which, as I'm sure you'll guess, was quite extensive (I mean, look at the post below—it's good stuff).

I basically forgot about my blog 'til now, when I was over on blogspot looking at something about Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) running for President in 2008. We'll leave that particular speculation to the Hotline.

Anyway, I've decided to resurrect my blogspot for whatever purposes individuals might choose to read it. I'm not sure who my audience is, but I suppose I can learn that from the guestbook. Perhaps you'll leave me a message?

So what's with the title?!

When I originally set up my blog, I wasn't very creative and just called it "diezbablog." That's good enough for a just a normal, run-of-the-mill fun times blog, but when I decided to redo it, that didn't seem to have the flavor that I was looking for.

I set my mind to thinking, and I came up with what you see before you: Annales Hiezecihelium. It is Latin, and it means (hopefully) "Annals of Ezekiel." It could also be interpreted "Chronicles of Ezekiel."

If you don't know why Ezekiel might play a role in my life, well you should probably get to know me better or quit stalking me (or both).

"Forward!" ever be thy watchword...

I should start posting fairly often now, as I discovered the method by which one can publish things rather easily. So stay tuned, and hopefully you'll enjoy things as much as I do.


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