Friday, January 28, 2005

A gentlemen's night out

Kat is gone, this weekend, to the Alpha Delta Pi Sisterhood Retreat held each year to thoroughly indoctrinate the newly inducted Alpha Sisters (what ADPi calls their pledges) into the legend, lore, and mystery of their sorority.

For me, this means that I get a half-weekend to either (1) get work done or (2) hang out with my brothers and friends.

Those of you who know me will have no difficulty knowing just exactly what I decided to do.

That's right, I went out. Teemoney and I proceeded to head out to La Paz Restaurante y Cantina over in Green Hills for some Mexican fun times and, perhaps, a drink or two.

We had a great time, and Teemoney had his first alcohol as a twenty-one year-old (in case you're wondering what took him so long, please remember that officers in BYX are forbidden to consume alcohol for the duration of their tenure). I, too, partook of my newfound freedom to indulge in some fruit of the vine.

Both of us enjoyed our dinner and we'll be hanging out with some more of the bros tonight while watching a movie on the Suite's Big Screen.

It's gonna rock.


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