Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Apologia Hiezecihelium

Let's hear it for some more Latin (of course, I'm probably screwing it up really badly—I'm stealing these words from the Vulgate translation of the Bible, and so they're probably out of context). apologia was a defense of the faith. It was an account of how God is working in the lives of His people. And so, as you might guess, I entitled this post Apologia Hiezecihelium because I'm going to link to my testimony.

It is the story of my faith journey, told in vignettes from the points of view of different people who surrounded me during my walk. The story of my life is true, the events written of are true, but the dialogue is partial artistic license (except for the phone conversation with Pastor Owensby, obviously that part is recorded as best I can recall -- the church I attend at home, mentioned in the account, is pictured here).

Here it is.


At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dillon, I must say that you have almost single-handedly restored my faith in the existence of men of letters...even in personal literature such as this. And as for your Latin, the church pretty much lost all semblance of real, classical Latin, so as far as that goes, you've pleased the Popes but made Cicero turn over in his grave...:)


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